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  •   F5.6mm Blue Laser Diode released
    Dia. F5.6mm 405nm/445nm blue laser diodes are successfully developped in mass production. EGISMOS is willing to support the special price close to the market expection. They come in various power selection ranging from 20mW, 50mW and 500mW.
    01/04 2008

    Mini DPSS Green Laser Modules released
    Dia. F8mm DPSS green laser modules are successfully developped for the application where size and visible brightness matters the most. They come in various power selection ranging from 1mW to 100mW. The smallest dimension F8mm x 30mm. 12/06 2007

    Mini S4 Series Red Laser Modules released
    Dia. F4mm x 10mm red laser modules are successfully developped for the application where size matters the most like mobilephone, portable application. They come in various power selection ranging from 1mW and 5mW.
    06/27 2007

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    Egismos manufacturing facilities provide product design, design-for-assembly, design-for-manufacturing, and contract manufacturing of complex laser and optical system. Egismos offers unsurpassed design and development capability, including in-house optics division, intergrated circuit design division and optical, mechanical and electrical integration division etc, making us the ideal choice for clients who wish to outsource crucial design and manufacturing responsibilities to a highly qualified and trusted partner.
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    ODM Capabilities

    OEM/ODM Capabilities:
    With decades of experience in laser, optics, semiconductor, electrics, precision molding and mechanics, Egismos is able to take on challenges that could not have been done otherwise.
    Egismos comprises Laser Division, Semiconductor Division and Optics Division. Each disision works in perfect harmony with another to successfully deliver the complicated optical system that result from know-how knowledge and well orchestrated team work.

    The following is our OEM/ODM flow:
  • Idea Description
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • NRE and Prototype contract
  • Optical Design
  • Mechanism Design
  • Electical Design
  • Prototype Verification
  • Tools and Fixture Design and Manufacturing
  • Pilot Run
  • Quality and Reliability system set up
  • Mass Production

  • The following are some of our successful examples:
    Optical Engine 1

    Laser Printer Optical Engine

    Optical scanners are extensively used on optical printers, digital copiers or MFP. The laser scanner unit (LSU) contains 6 major optical components.

  • Laser diode
  • Laser collimator
  • Cylindrical lens
  • Polygon mirror
  • F-theta lens
  • Beam detection lens

  • Laser collimator is to collimate divergent laser beam with small divergence angle and great pointing accuracy.
    F-theta lens is to focus the laser beam as a small spot on the surface of photo-drum and to move spot at uniform speed on the scanned surface.
    Egismos designed single element f-theta scanning lens with high performance and ease of manufacturing and assembly.

    Optical Finger Print

    USB Memory Drive with Optical FingerPrint Protection

    Egismos developed this product using Optical Pattern Finger Print Recognition technologies with the the following features:
    1. Guaranteed Safety
    Automatically removes previous image residue; Simultaneous matching method makes it no need to store fingerprint image in the system
    2. Mobility
    Protect your personal data and system, store your data and check/receive emails everywhere you go
    3. Hi-speed Realtime
    High-speed digital conversion and classification recognition shows fingerprint promptly without delay
    4. Durability
    Use prism and optical image sensor to prevent static, scratch, contamination, and wear out
    5. Free from Worries of Static
    Optical lens and prism engineered suitable for dry weather condition

    Head Mount Display Module

    Head Mount Display(HMD) Module

    Fully integrated with VGA color displays, backlights, lenses and drive electronics
    Plug and Play, just provide 3.3 volt power and video signal(auto-selecting for either NTSC or PAL standard)
    VGA resolution (640 x 480)
    Large image size(48" diagonal at 7 foot distance)
    High-quality optics
    63.5 mm Interpupillary Distance
    Compact size (97.42 mm x 23.02 mm x 30.88 mm)
    Lightweight (28 g)
    Low power consumption(825 mW Typ.)

    ASIC design

    Optronics related Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC) Design

    Teamed up with our affiliate companies, Egismos has successfully helped clients worldwide develop ASIC for the the following applications:

  • Low Power, High Precision Laser Diode Driver
  • High Power Laser Diode Driver
  • Laser Diode Modulation Controller
  • Versatile LED Color Generator
  • Low Voltage(1.5VDC) White LED Driver
  • Solar Cell Charging Controller

  • Also, we provide one-stop shopping and help customers build PCB modules incorporating ASIC above as turn-key solution.

    customized laser module

    Customized Laser Module / Laser Receiver

    No requirement regarding laser module specifications from every customer is alike, that is why Egismos focus primarily on customised laser modules to satisfy different need of every aspect on top of our already comprehensive off-the-shelf product line.

    The customised laser module comes in vatiety of appearance, some with improved optical characteristics such as 0.01mrad divergence, or 20X beam expanding function, or less than 0.1mm thin line;
    Some with high frequency TTL analog/digital modulation function, or high power CW function;
    Some with accurate bore sight accuracy of less than 1mm/m, or some with robust housing design to resist recoil shock of any kind, some with 360 deg laser line projection function, and the list goes on ...
    No matter what your special requirement is, our R&D engineers are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

    Laser Pattern laser pattern

    Customised Laser Pattern Lens Design


  • Customised Laser Pattern Lens: Custom & Stock
  • Customised Laser Pattern Lens: Full Production Capability
  • Customised Laser Pattern Lens design and performance analyses
  • Optical design incorporating diffractive optics
  • Reactive ion and wet etching and photolithography for visible and IR materials
  • Mask fabrication

  • Basic patterns:
    single line, cross hair, multi-line, dot matrix, square, grid, circle etc.
    Customised patterns:
    company logo, cartoon characters, animated motion, and other special meaningful patterns.

    lens design

    Customised Aspheric Lens Design

    Based on our sophisticated and well-established infra-structure in optical components R&D, manufacturing, test, measurement, we also engage in fiber-optics for optical communication, optical sensing applications. We currently provide plastic housing optics, glass micro-optics, coatings for wavelength in optical communication bands.

    Lens Design Team:
    Egismos has a team of lens design and optical system experts available to assist you with your requirement, whether you are looking for a lens upgrade or new system design.

    Precision Molds:
    Our molds are manufactured using state-of-the-art processing technology and our unique evaluation system on the aspheric profile. The molding process provides extremely consistent lens-to-lens accuracy and flawless aspheric surface.

    Quality Assurance:
    Our lens quality is backed by an optical quality assurance system and ISO9000 certification.


    *Due to contract limitation, examples shown above may not be available for sale. Please contact us for further information on customers who own the right. Examples are shown here only to demostrate Egismos engineering capabilities.

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