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  •   F5.6mm Blue Laser Diode released
    Dia. F5.6mm 405nm/445nm blue laser diodes are successfully developped in mass production. EGISMOS is willing to support the special price close to the market expection. They come in various power selection ranging from 20mW, 50mW and 500mW.
    01/04 2008

    Mini DPSS Green Laser Modules released
    Dia. F8mm DPSS green laser modules are successfully developped for the application where size and visible brightness matters the most. They come in various power selection ranging from 1mW to 100mW. The smallest dimension F8mm x 30mm. 12/06 2007

    Mini S4 Series Red Laser Modules released
    Dia. F4mm x 10mm red laser modules are successfully developped for the application where size matters the most like mobilephone, portable application. They come in various power selection ranging from 1mW and 5mW.
    06/27 2007

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    Egismos' global advanced facilities work in unison to guarantee our worldwide clients receive the most advanced electro-optical and optical solutions available. Cost-effective manufacturing and an extensive range of product performance characterization tools result in proven, tested, and documented solutions that help our customers complete in the marketplace. laser collimator

    Optics Product ID Naming Rule:

    Example: O 1 CO 7 8.9 M
    Optics Product Number of Lenses Lens Type Lens Diameter(mm) EFL or NA Material & Process
    O: Optics 1: singlet BL: ball lenses 2.4: 2.4mm EFL for singlet F: Fresnel lenses
    H: High-End Laser Module 2: glue-coupling lens or two lenses set CN: cone lenses 6.3: 6.3mm NA for multi- element G: glass spheric lenses
    S: Standard Laser Module 3: tripletlens or three lenses set DR: drum lenses 6.5: 6.5mm wave length band width for filter and window D: diffractive optic elements (DOE)
      4: four lenses set CO: collimator M9: M9 thread serial number for DOE M: aspheric molding glass lenses
      5: five lenses set CY: cylinder lenses M7: M7 thread   P: plastic lenses
      6: six lenses set LL: laser line generator lenses     S: standard measuring lenses
        RO: rod lenses      
        DE: diffractive optics elements      


    Singlets Lenses

    Singlets Lenses

    Singlets are available in a wide variety of shapes. Plano-convex and biconvex lenses have a positive focal length, plano-concave and biconcave lenses have a negative focal length. Meniscus (convex-concave) lenses may be either positive or negative and are used when very long focal lengths are required. Aspheric lenses have one aspherical surface and one spherical or plano surface. They are used principally as light condensers. Spherical ball lenses are ideal for fiber-to-fiber and diode laser-to-fiber coupling. Gradient-index (GRIN) lenses combine refraction at the surfaces with continuous refraction throughout the thickness of the optic.

    Singlets Lenses Product List

    Multielements Lenses

    Multielements Lenses

    Multielement lenses combine two or more lens elements into a single unit that is designed to achieve a specific result. The most familiar multielement lens is the achromatic doublet, which is designed to cancel chromatic aberration at two distinct and well-separated wavelengths - one in the red and one in the blue. Precision achromats are nearly free of spherical aberration and coma . Laser-grade achromats are manufactured to the highest tolerances with excellent cosmetic surface quality.

    Multielements Lenses Products List

    Cylindrical Optics

    Cylindrical Optics

    Cylindrical lenses are used in applications requiring magnification in one dimension only. They are used to transform a point image into a line image and to change image height without changing width, or vice versa. Typical applications include slit and line-detector-array illumination.
    Egismos cylindrical lenses are either plano-convex (positive) or plano-concave (negative) and are avaliable in BK7 or UV-grade fused silica.

    Cylindrical Optics Products List



    Flat mirrors are available in round, square,and elliptical configurations with dimensions ranging from 6.4 mm to 200 mm. They are available with a variety of substrate materials and coatings. Surface flatness varies from three wavelengths over 25 mm to 1/20th of a wavelength over the entire surface.
    Spherical concave mirrors are suitable for a variety of applications including laser beam manipulation and imaging. They are manufactured with LEBG substrates with a surface accuracy of /10.

    Mirrors Products List

    Prism and Retroreflectors

    Prism and Retroreflectors

    Prisms are blocks of optical material with flat, polished sides that are attached at precisely controlled angles to each other. Prisms may be used in an optical system to deflect or deviate a beam of light. They can invert or rotate an image, disperse light into its component wavelengths, and be used to separate states of polarization.
    The orientation of prism determines its effect on a beam of light or image. A viewer looks through a prism at an object and sees a virtual image. This image may be displaced from the original object, or, in the case of a dove prism, may coincide with the object. Furthermore, image orientation may differ from the object, as shown in the drawings below.
    Any ray entering the effective aperture of a retroreflector will be reflected and emerge from the entrance/exit face parallel to itself, but in the opposite direction of propagation. Solid retroreflectors depend upon the principle of TIR (total internal reflection) and therefore have acceptance angle limitations.

    Prism and Retroreflectors Products List

    Beamsplitters and Windows

    Beamsplitters and Windows

    Beamsplitters are designed to separate a single beam of light into two beams that are normal to one another. The intensity of the separated beams depends upon the type of coating and the specific properties of the light. Most beamsplitters use dielectric coatings that are wavelength and polarization sensitive; therefore it is highly recommended that one look carefully at the transmission curves to ensure that the beamsplitter will perform as needed.
    Cube beamsplitters with hybrid (dielectric/metal) coatings are relatively insensitive to changes over a broad range of polarization and wavelength, and our laser-line coatings are polarization insensitive at their design wavelength.
    Windows are used to enable optical radiation to pass from one environment to another without allowing the environments to mix.
    Optical flats are used with monochromatic light sources, such as sodium lamps, to evaluate surfaces of other optical elements.

    Beamsplitters and Windows Products List


    Polarization Components

    Polarization can be linear, circular (or elliptical), random, or unpolarized, and is defined by the path traced by the electric field vectors in a propagating wave train.
    Egismos offers four basic categories of polarization components: calcite prisms that separate unpolarized, randomly polarized or elliptically polarized light into orthogonal linear polarizations; sheet polarizers that absorb the linear component in one direction and transmit the orthogonal linear component; cube beamsplitters that transmit the p-polarization component and reflect the s-polarization component at 90 degrees; and retardation plates that rotate the polarization plane or convert polarization from circular to linear and vice versa.

    Polarization Components Products List



    Absorption, particularly wavelength-selective absorption, is an important factor in the function of many of our filters. The two most commonly used absorbers are thin metallic films and colored glass. Some metallic films, such as inconel, chromium, and nickel, are particularly insensitive to wavelength for absorption. On the other hand, the amount of absorption by colored glass can vary by as much as several orders of magnitude in only tens of nanometers.
    Metallic films, colored glasses, and thin dielectric films (sometimes all in the same unit) are used in Egismos filters. These filters include wavelength-invariant (neutral density) varieties and various wavelength-selective filters including colored glass, long-pass and short-pass edge filters, dichroics, and interference filters.
    When choosing a band-pass filter, the critical parameters are the transmittance and/or opacity (blocking ability) at the wavelengths of interest. For neutral density filters, optical density is an important parameter.

    Filters Products List


    * There are many glass types, which can be used to manufacture visible optics. These glasses are defined according to their refractive index and dispersion. They may be selected by an optical designer, for use in complex systems, which minimize the effects of optical aberrations. An optical glass, which has become dominant for use throughout the visible spectrum, is Schott BK7. T he properties of this glass make it ideal for use in mirrors, windows, prisms and simple lenses. Also, frequently used is synthetic fused silica, which has a good combination of optical, thermal and hardness characteristics. Certain types of crystal are used in the manufacture of optics. Calcite and quartz have a strong degrees of bi-refringence making them useful in the manufacture of optics to control the state of polarization. since the transmission of most visible range optical materials extends partly into the UV and through the near infra-red, man of these optics may also be used in the other parts of the spectrum.

    ** Coatings, which are designed to suit the index of the substrate material, can be applied to modify the transmittance, reflectance, wavelength selectivity and polarization of light incident of the coating. This provides a vast array of optical components, which may be used to modify the nature of light in a controlled manner.

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