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  •   F5.6mm Blue Laser Diode released
    Dia. F5.6mm 405nm/445nm blue laser diodes are successfully developped in mass production. EGISMOS is willing to support the special price close to the market expection. They come in various power selection ranging from 20mW, 50mW and 500mW.
    01/04 2008

    Mini DPSS Green Laser Modules released
    Dia. F8mm DPSS green laser modules are successfully developped for the application where size and visible brightness matters the most. They come in various power selection ranging from 1mW to 100mW. The smallest dimension F8mm x 30mm. 12/06 2007

    Mini S4 Series Red Laser Modules released
    Dia. F4mm x 10mm red laser modules are successfully developped for the application where size matters the most like mobilephone, portable application. They come in various power selection ranging from 1mW and 5mW.
    06/27 2007

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    The Egismos machinery device is a self-contained designed and made in Japan as a complete optic-electronic-machinery integrated solution for OEM use. The machinery device includes of servo motor, stepping motor, scanner motor, spindle motor, ultrasonic motor and linear motor stage, and electrical connections are made via exta precise process. Casing and function options other than standard type are available. Egsimos machinery device manufacturing capacity is 2,00,000PCS per month and locate in Japan.

    Egismos satisfied customers list
    laser module

    Machinery Devices Product ID Naming Rule:
    Example: M SM 40 T A D
    Machinery Products Motor Type Frame Size(mm) Special Feature Speed (rpm or mm/s or Hz) Attached Parameter
    M: Machinery AS: AC Servo Motor 20: 20mm S: Standard 100: 100rpm or 100mm/s or 100Hz S: Standard
    O: Optics SC: Scanner Motor 28: 28mm A: High Accuracy A: 1,000rpm B:Brake Attached
    H: High-End Laser Module PS: Polygon Scanner Motor 35: 35mm R: High Resolution B: 1,500rpm E: Encoder Attached
    S: Standard Laser Module US: Ultrasonic Motor 40: 40mm T: High Torque C: 2,000rpm O: Oil Seal Attached
      ST: Stepping Motor 42: 42mm   D: 3,000rpm R: Reducer Attached
      SP: Spindle Motor 60: 60mm   U: 200 ~ 15,000rpm A: Air Bearing
      LM: Linear Motor 80: 80mm   V: 200 ~ 30,000rpm M: Multeity Attached
      LS: Linear Stage Module     more  


    Realize the outstanding characteristic of accelerating . . . . 100,000rad/s2
    Make the main shaft motor made to order
    According to looking forward to customer's possible axle
    Because the magnetic fluid is sealed and adopted and is able to bear the environment to strengthen
    Strengthened and able to bear corrosivity according to spreading the surface specially


    Scanner Motor are used in the application for optical scanning like the laser printer, barcode scanner, laser projector.


    Ultrasonic motor is a device with the features: small size, light, high push force and high accuracy machinery device. They are widely used in mobile device, opticcal and medical equipments, small size application of measuring.


    These devices are widely used in many applications need the machinery operation. It can be controled as the precision requirement.

    Spindle Motors

    BD-DVD, whom HD-DVD spend check the high-speed axle of seriation.
    The bearing is in the ball bearing and air bearing ' The air presses quietly) Have, listen to card organization adopt axle vacuum that department does not exposed to clip possible drawing.
    Because rotate inertia to be little, torque heavy, so amount of production go up, add, moderate time productivity raise shortly.
    Rotary table ( Holder) Worn and burnt the axle and concluded the rigidity higher primary school type, high response. It is possible to clamp the making of organization's customer's method.


    Enclose the motor (VCM) in sound Adopt, reach the slim low cost.
    Because the adoption of the subminiature high discriminability encoder realizes determining in the high-accuracy position and high reproducing.
    With supporting the unified possible strength of group of the simple and easy driver controller of USB.

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